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Ronnie RebootA longtime client called me today (I will call him “Jim”). He was upset because he had spent $300 with us in recent months on various things, but was now having a problem with his screen going blank.

Jim told me he didn’t understand why we hadn’t checked everything that could possibly go wrong with his computer and fixed it for his $300. I used my best people-skills to assure Jim I would get the bottom of the problem and was more interested in helping him than getting more money.

While I was at Jim’s home, Jim told me about his recent back surgery. One of his vertebrae was out of whack. The doctor told him his additional problems with his right leg were due to the nerves in his upper spinal area being all in a knot. The doctor assured him he could fix that also when he was in surgery.

After Jim’s surgery, the vertebra problem was resolved, but after a few months he was still having the nerve issues with his leg. According to Jim, the doctor then said, “Well, I did the best I could.” That seemed reasonable to Jim. Hmmmm, I thought.

We all know how complicated the human body is and medicine, whether Western, Eastern or experimental, is still limited in what it can do. We don’t know how to repair many spinal injuries yet. The human body is not a toaster.

Neither is your computer. Computers are complicated. If you don’t expect your doctor to be all knowing and all healing, apply that reasonable attitude to computer service people. Sometimes your computer problem is too deep, too complex, and the only thing to be done is backup all your data and reinstall the operating system. Even then, sometimes computers come from the factory with serious flaws and it is possible to spend hours trying to resolve an issue that we are never going to resolve.

Bottom line: Just like with your doctor, you want to find a computer tech you can trust. If your computer guy or gal is honest and knows what they are doing there are still going to be times when it takes some real detective work to resolve certain issues. The honest, completely competent computer tech will tell you when “I have no idea what is wrong or how to resolve it, but let me Google the problem and see what I can do.” That’s the computer tech you want to hire.

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October 2012

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