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The holidays are upon us and the scammers, con artists and the just plain crooks are in full force. How do they hope to steal your identity and your money. Here is one way.

We all know how traditional fishing works. You get out your rod & reel, and then head for a nice fishing spot. Then the choice becomes “which of my lures should I use?” Or maybe you are old school and like using bait.

Once you pick your bait, then what. All you need are some fish who will bite!

PhishingOnline scammers are nothing more than fishermen. Except in the computer business we call them “Phishermen.” And who are the fish or in this case “phish” they are looking to catch. That would be you chump!

I don’t know about you, but the thought of being some malcontents chump or in this case “phish,” is not something I desire – quite the contrary.

Let’s define “Phishing” for you. Wikipedia defines “Phishing” as “the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.”

So, how to avoid being a “phish?” The most important ingredient is a healthy dose of good old fashioned skepticism. As wonderful as the Internet and email are, they are rife with Phishermen, looking for phish who will take the bait. You must educate yourself with the knowledge of how these criminals are looking to catch you and then use your healthy skepticism to make sure you are not being hooked.

If you head over to my knowledge base at “” – I’ve created a page with links to several articles on phishing and how to avoid being a victim of one of these scams.


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November 27th, 2015

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